New Licensing Structure

Feb 1, 2017

We are announcing changes to the licensing structure for Power Music and cutting the cost of running Power Music on multiple computers.  

Here is a summary of the changes:
  • Product Keys will now be for a single edition of Power Music - either Professional (for Windows PCs) or Mac
  • Power Music Professional Product Keys can be upgraded to run Power Music on a 3rd or 4th PC, for £17 per extra PC
  • Power Music Professional 5 PC and 10 PC Product Keys* are reduced by £30 and £50 respectively
  • Power Music Mac Product Keys now allow installation on up to 5 Macs
If you have a Product Key for Power Music Professional (which you have not upgraded) you are entitled to run Power Music on 2 PCs only. If you want to run on more than 2 PCs you should upgrade your Product Key.
To purchase a new Product Key visit:   

To upgrade your existing Product Key visit: 

*If you have previously purchased a 5 or 10 computer Product Key it will continue to function as before. The existing Product Key will work for both Power Music Professional and Mac.